Have you ever needed a font but you didn’t have it in that format? Perhaps you wanted to use a font on your website and you needed a .TTF file for that, but only had an .OTF file?
If have faced this problem, you will never face it again. These free tools can convert all the font files into one another very conveniently.

Most of these tools allow commercial use, so need to be worried about any misuse.

Files Conversion

Here you can convert a font format for free.
Supported extensions for conversion are :
.otf .fon .pfb .font .afm .otb .bdf .fnt .abf .bdf .pfm .pfa .ofm .pfa .pfb .cid .ttc .hqx .pcf .sfd .dfont .bin
You can convert into:
.ttf .otf .fon .pfb .dfont .afm

Font Converter

Font Converter

With this online font converter you can convert even exotic font file formats into another format. Their specialty is Mac to PC and vice-versa.

Simply the Best font converter

Free Online Font Converter

Convert from .pfa .pfb .pt3 .sfd .ttf .otf .otb .t42 .cef .cff .gsf .ttc .svg .ik .mf .dfont .bin .suit and .bdf

And also common font formats including TrueType (.ttf), OpenType (.oft) and PostScript (.ps). It can also convert many of the less well known font formats including Suitcase (.suit) and Data Fork (.dfont) fonts.

Free tool to convert fonts

Online Font Converter

A simple conversion tool. Registration is optional here. Conversion is not real-time, it takes some time and you can give out your email address so that you are notified when the conversion is complete.

The FontSquir­rel Con­verter

It is one of the best con­vert­ers on the net. It’s also an gen­er­a­tor, because it can rescale, re-hint and sub­sets the font data, opti­mizes the met­rics, gen­er­ates sam­ple html files and con­verts to all needed web­font for­mats like .eot .woff .ttf .svgz .svg and Cufón.

It is not working in Internet Explorer yet, but they are working on it.

Font Converter and Generator