Most people know they have to backup their computer, but many forget to backup their Android. When our lives are stored on our phones, it makes sense to find the best Android backup app, so that if disastrous strikes, you can add the data from your old phone to the new. If you don’t have a backup app, what are you going to do when your phone goes missing, crashes, or you drop it in the toilet? Here are a few of the best Android backup apps to check out on the market today.

Best Android Backup App

helium Best Android Backup AppCloud storage is one of the best methods to backup your Android data. With Helium, your data is securely stored in the cloud, also known as the internet. All you have to do to retrieve your data is to log into your account, and sync with your other devices. Backup your apps, photos, call log, SMS, and more. This app is hassle-free and easy to use. If you wish to skip the ad viewing and have prescheduled backups, there is a paid premium version, which is well worth the piece of mind you’re going to get knowing that your data is secure.



Ultimate Backup Lite is another free app that also has a premium upgrade. One thing that was annoying was the jumbled list of apps, which can be confusing to sort through when you’re trying to find what you need to backup. It does come with a built-in task killer, uninstaller, and cache clearing. These free system tools come in handy, though you can find them on other apps as well, in addition to its backup features to local and cloud sources.

easy backup and restore

Easy Backup and Restore is a completely free app, as far as I could see. Backup to your SD card or to the cloud. Root users can back up app data and settings, which is an additional handy feature to have in the event that you need to restore your phone. This app will also let you schedule backups in advance.

GCloud Backup is another app that’s based on graphics, rather than text. Some people may prefer the graphics, but I find the photos and pictures distracting. This app provides the first 1GB free, with a charge thereafter. It may be problematic for the user who doesn’t wish to pay for a plan, and when they’ve already invested their time backing up to GCloud, they may be annoyed when that plateau is quickly reached.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the sleek interface of Helium, and that it worked as promised. The paid app is a bit hefty at $4.99, but you may find the price tag worth it. Give the free app a try and see if it suits your needs. The great thing is that you can stick with the free app, as long as you don’t mind the ad bar at the top. Overall, I was pleased with the usability and functionality of the Helium backup app for Android.