Kitchens and cooking can be sometimes boring. But not with these gadgets. These kitchen gadgets are sure to turn your cooking and eating experience much much more fun. In fact, some of these gadgets are so scientific type that they might give you feel of a chef from the future. Not kidding.

All these kitchen gadgets are available to shop right now. Most of them don’t even cost too much, some of them do but they are worth it.

I’m sure you will like this post as much as I did learning about these gadgets. I’ve already ordered a couple of them (mighty mug, see through toaster and spinning spaghetti).

Oh, and before I forget. If you are a health freak, I’ve also added some of them for you. 🙂

Fred and Friends Mister Tea Infuser

This one is molded from food safe soft silicone rubber and perches up on your cup to hold your tea.

Magimix Colored Vision Toaster

Here’s the only toaster with a viewing window, lets you watch the toasting process in action.

Mighty Mug

Mighty Mug, is a gadget that stands tall and won’t fall. Once it’s set down, it grips the desk and never tips if you accidentally knock into it. But when you need to drink, lift it by its handle, it will detach itself quickly.

Virtual Fridge Lock app posts your mid-night snacking saga on Social-networking sites

This is a smartphone app that is launched to shame the dieters by posting reports of refrigerator raids (late-night) to their friends at social networking sites.


Carrot Peeler & Sharpener kitchen gadget lets you get fun with pretty veggie curls with minimal effort.

Kikkerland Dapper ‘Staches Silicone Drink Markers, Set of 6

A way of fun to distinguish your wine and drink glass. Containing the set of 6 assorted mustache drink markers.


This tie is a fashion statement of, you say, thirst quenching proportions. With FlaskTie gadget you can quench your thirst anywhere.

The Hands Free Wine Aerator

This is a decanter with adapter that holds the bottle inverted to aerate wine quickly and leaving hands free.

Iceless Wine Chiller

Electronic wine chiller gadget uses advanced Peltier thermoelectric technology. This tabletop wine chiller cools or warms the wine to an optimal temperature.

Build-On Brick Mug

Build-On Brick Mug, is a coffee mug and construction set that brings along a handful of our favorite building blocks.

Klipy Cake Divider

You just have to pop Klipy into the center of the cake or pie and make the all-important first cut. Then line up the guides that will be based on how many pieces you want.

Volkswagen Microbus Toaster

In Japan this rare toaster model kitchen gadget was distributed through the Volkswagen dealerships in Japan.

The Kitchen Safe locks down your cravings

The Kitchen Safe is the time-lock container for food, gadgets, toys, cigarettes and other temptations you desire, but shouldn’t have.

The Kitchen Safe 2 The Kitchen Safe 3

R2-D2 Talking Pizza Cutter

R2-D2 is (with sound effects!) a gadget with happily beep-boop and whistle in its way through your pizza.

Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer

This is a meat tenderizer to infuse food with marinade.

Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer2

MP3 BBQ Grill

When you are in the mood of music and barbecue, there’s only one kitchen appliance, cuts the mustard which is the MP3 BBQ Grill gadget.

Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

The ingenious Bluetooth Barbeque Thermometer is the first grilling, cooking, smoking thermometer and app for your IOS device and Smartphone.

Rice Cube

This gadget gives the rice an artistic style as it composes cool cubic culinary creations. Do play with food to build nice sushi, desserts and the snacks in seconds.

Soccer Goal Desk and Chairs

JAN dining table, an entirely hand-made gadget out of reclaimed wood, while using natural products and an ecofriendly process.

Mini Retro Popcorn Maker

This Mini Retro Popcorn Maker gadget with its sleek look and classic red & white colors and chrome finish everyone feels pride displaying this outstanding kitchen gadget on dinner tabletop.

Tetris Heat Changing Mug

Wake up with Tetris theme song that burned into your subconscious. As slowly you wake up, it’s like you are turning the knob on the volume. So, it slowly gets louder and louder and at last it bursts out of your lips in a beautiful melody.

Handy LED Salt Meter

To help you keep out for sodium-laden foods, here’s the Handy Salt Meter, a thermometer-styled stick to be poke into your food just to determine its salt content.

The Spinning Spaghetti Forks

These gadgets are the motorized forks with rotation to twirl the strands of spaghetti into a perfect neat bite.

Sous-Vide DSV

This technique immerses the vacuum packed sachet of meat into the precisely temperature-controlled water that slowly brings the internal temperature of the meat evenly up to required scale.

The Oilless Fryer

This kitchen gadget is a fryer that cooks crisp, succulent fried food without oil.

R2-D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser

R2 is a great liquid dispenser, or more specifically you can say, a soy sauce dispenser. That’s all.

R2-D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser2

Marshall Fridge

This gadget is the coolest amplifier in the world that is made from authentic Marshall amp parts.

 Ice Cream Ball

It’d be great if you could make the delicious ice cream quickly and without an electricity socket in sight. The ingenious Ice Cream Ball is the gadget that provides fun and easy way to make home made yummy ice cream, frozen yoghurt, shakes and ice drinks etc.

The Messless Chocolate Milk Mixing Mug

This is the battery-powered and child-friendly chocolate-milk mixer that consists of a 16-oz. tumbler, fit-able inside a Holstein-patterned holder containing a trigger button on the handle.

BonJour Chef’s Torch with Fuel Gauge

Now you can make restaurant quality desserts at your home with BonJour Chef’s kitchen torch gadget that offers a variety of uses such as caramelizing the sugars, browning the meringue or melting the cheese on onion soup gratinee.

BonJour Chef's Torch with Fuel Gauge2

ACU_RITE Refrigerator/Freezer Wireless Digital Thermometer

Double sensors and digital LCD Display on main unit with min & max temperature settings, audible and visual alarm when temps exceed and easy to set are the main features this kitchen gadget consists of.

Nubee Temperature Gun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer w/ Laser Sight

Get accurate temperature reading with this handheld gun kitchen gadget.

Presto 02910 SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder

This gadget quickly slices or shreds the large amounts of fruits, vegetables and cheese.

American Weigh Scales AWS-600-BLK Digital Personal Nutrition Scale, Pocket Size

This gadget has 600 Gram capacity with 0.1g resolution  in the measuring units of “g, ounce, troy ounce, dwt”.

Pacific Precision Metals THE CRUSHER Aluminum Can Compactor

It makes the recycling process more efficient by instantly crushing 12 and 16 ounce cans up to about 1 inch.

Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler with bonus core slicer

This gadget is fast and easy to use as it peels apples effortlessly and without making a mess because it peels the skin off the apple and not the fruit.

Kai FG5032 Chuboos Vegetable Cutter

This gadget contains the set of 6 vegatable cutters setting features a cat, dog, pig, elephant, dolphin and penguin.

GEFU Spirelli Spiral Cutter

Special sturdy Japanese stainless steel blades kitchen gadget that creates endless julienne strips.

Progressive Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Ball

This gadget lets you brew your loose leaf tea with ease. You can also use it for spices and potpourri.

Silicone Rolling Pin Rings, Multicolor

These multicolored silicone rolling pin spacer rings are to roll out pastry dough to its exact thickness required.

West Bend Electric Can Openers

This 70-watts counter-top can opener is made of plastic, chrome and aluminum and contains slim, extra-tall and heavy-duty design that accommodates tall cans.

Stone Cask Ice Rounds

Silicon ice mould makes 2 Large 2.5″ ice balls.

Onion Goggles

These protective goggles feature a soft foam seal inside that frame which keeps out eye-stinging vapors while chopping the onions, leeks, shallots, scallions and hot peppers.

Waring Pro Professional Vacuum Sealer

First one in vacuum-sealing technology, single-handedly operate-able to create an airtight seal that can ensure the freshness and flavors of the foods last longer.